sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

Coleção Apple na Rússia

Via Englishrussia

Apple II 1977. Processor 1 MHz, main memory 4 Kb, ОС Apple DOS. The system was downloaded from a cassette-recorder. Earlier was Apple I, but its a thing that can hardly be found today…

A bit more developed model
Steve Jobs used to tell that a computer must be beautiful both inside and outside.
Graphic tablet
Then Macintosh appeared…
Later modifications
Lisa computer. At that time Apple was practically divided into two companies: Lisa and Macintosh. This Lisa used to cost about 10000 and, thus, didn’t become popular…
Famous Apple mouse
Apple IIc – telephone isted of a modem
Macintosh with a vertical screen
First laptops
They used to be called PowerBooks
IMac 1998
LED display
“Macintosh” transformed into “Mac”
Apple camera
Soft of various times
… and bags.

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